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Image by Nolan Issac

My name is Sabrina Krieger-Martin and my story took me around the globe and finally lead me to become an Interior Designer in Paris. I am a world traveler and that's where I get my inspirations from. I grew up in Denver, Colorado with a very internationally diverse family, Studied International Business and Marketing in Lugano, Switzerland, worked in a big tech company in San Francisco (Square) and that path eventually lead me to Paris where I decided to follow my lifelong dream as an Interior Designer in 2017.


I studied with EDAA and have a Master's in Interior Decoration with LISAA.

I have been grateful to learn from some amazing Interior Architects and Designers and hope to continue to do so.


SABRINA ALEXANDRINE DESIGN is a full-service, bilingual interior design studio based in Paris. 

As you may already know, interior design is much more than materialism.
An interior is a reflection of who you are and has the ability to impact how you feel. So it's important to make your space a place that has a purpose and makes you feel good - whether it's a home, a store, or a place of work.


Every time you walk into a room, you should want to stay there.

SABRINA ALEXANDRINE DESIGN's promise is that our interiors express exactly what our clients envision and focus on optimal functionality, meticulous attention to detail, and aesthetic sophistication. We want to accompany our clients from A to Z in their life projects and provide them with quality advice. 

Regardless of budget or space, our commitment is to deliver a project that meets the client's goals and constraints.

Thank you for your confidence and we are delighted to work with you!

Sabrina Krieger-Martin

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